John Colin Edwards

Colin Edwards joined Conway for the September term 1944 as I did. I remember him as a quiet but efficient Cadet and well organised. If I’m correct, he was a New Chum in Starbd Fore and I in Port Fore.

I remember he was quite bright but do not remember if he shone at Sports. He was a Senior Cadet Captain and left after two years joining Union-Castle. While with Union Castle, he passed his Master’s Ticket and met and married his wife, a passenger on board.

Soon after they were married, he left Union-Castle and joined his wife’s family, farming in the Karoo. After years farming there, they moved to a farm near Plettenberg Bay, where I met them, probably about 15 or 16 years ago.

Thereafter we had occasional contact by phone. Many times I tried to get him to join the Club, but each time he had some excuse not to sign up then and there!

He was a lay preacher at St Peter’s Anglican Church in Plettenberg Bay, and in 2008, was ordained and became a priest there.

His son William has taken over the business, Farmers Choice, estate agents for farms and small holdings.

Guy S Brooke-Smith

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