Robert Milne Becket

From General Botha Old Boys web site:

Robert Milne Becket.

Joined Clan Line in 1951 and stayed until 1955.

Then joined Old Mutual at Pinelands and worked in the Powers SAMAS Department. Did a District Office Course and opened a District Office at Stanger, Empangeni, Eshowe.

Later returned to sea with Smith Coasters and obtained Masters Certificate

Joined S.A.R.& H. in May 1970 and was with them until August 1993. In that time had been Master of the ‘F.C. Sturrock’ and did a few distress jobs.

‘The Voith Tug, Paul Sauer’ was next. This tug to me was the best I have handled. With this tug I also did a few tows. What a good sea vessel she was. Next was the ‘Jan Haywood’, another voith, also very good. Last in the tug line was the ‘Bart Grove Shuttle’ which I enjoyed but compared to a voith, well one does get spoilt. I then understudied on the Dredger ‘Ribbok’ and took over as Master in 1986.

1989 moved ashore

1993 retired.

Deceased 03/01/2007.

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