Dennis Robert Banks

From General Botha web site:

After Bothie sailed as cadet with Union-Castle Line, obtained Second Officer's Certificate in 1946. Then sailed with various companies including Court Line, Johnstone Warren Line, Headlams of Whitby, Safmarine, West Wales Shipping and Bullard King.

After obtaining Chief Officer's Certificate spent following years with Standard-Vacuum Oil on their tankers.

1957 joined the Harbour Service in Durban,

1960 Port Elizabeth Harbour Tugs, before returning to Durban, (I’m not sure how Denis got back to Durban but I think it must have been when promoted to Tug Master from Relief Tug Master.  He was master of the “J.D. White” before going to the “J.R. More” where I was mate. We got on very well, Denis was very good and well respected as both tug master and pilot.)

1965. pilot Durban

1986 Retired as Senior Harbour Pilot, Durban, in 1986.

(1998) running own business from home.

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