Josephine Dawson

Now Grande

I kept a log book of all visits to the surgery and cabin visits to passengers on 3 Union-Castle ships.

I attended a boxing tournament on Athlone Castle (Capt J D B Fisher) with Doctor Clemeson. I moved on to Stirling Castle (Capt D Sowden) with Dr Robin Black and then to Kenya Castle with Dr Francis Drake.

Looking back through my log books I can recall some fascinating people and events from that short time with the company.

Service Record



Athlone Castle

Nursing Sister



Stirling Castle

Nursing Sister



The picture of the girls’ dining table on Athlone Castle 1962-3 is:

from left to right around the table –

Myself (Jo Dawson/nursing sister), Ann Tinsley  Puserette, 1st class Dining Rm. Steward (unknown), Sara Deane – Purserette, and (I think)

Margaret Parry – Purserette.

Sadly, Margaret later died in a motoring accident.

Review - August 1963

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