Josephine Dawson

Now Grande

I kept a log book of all visits to the surgery and cabin visits to passengers on 3 Union-Castle ships.

I attended a boxing tournament on Athlone Castle (Capt J D B Fisher) with Doctor Clemeson. I moved on to Stirling Castle (Capt D Sowden) with Dr Robin Black and then to Kenya Castle with Dr Francis Drake.

Looking back through my log books I can recall some fascinating people and events from that short time with the company.

Review - August 1963

Service Record



Athlone Castle

Nursing Sister



Stirling Castle

Nursing Sister



The picture of the girls’ dining table on Athlone Castle 1962-3 is:

from left to right around the table –

Myself (Jo Dawson/nursing sister), Ann Tinsley  Puserette, 1st class Dining Rm. Steward (unknown), Sara Deane – Purserette, and (I think) Margaret Parry – Purserette.

Sadly, Margaret later died in a motoring accident.

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