George William Glass

Email 2 Sep 2013

Dear Chris

Please can you help me with any information on my grandfather George William Glass who according to my late father worked on the Union Castle Line possible from 1915 onwards.

Many thanks.

Graham McGlashen.

Email 30 Sep 2013

I’m afraid all I and my cousin know is that my late father said that his father (George William Glass) was born on the South Coast of England and that he worked for the Union-Castle line which is where/how he met my fathers' mother.

Both my late parents brother and myself were all born in Cape Town.

Through the 1911 census i have found a George Glass born in Portsmouth Hampshire 1896.

This would have made this George Glass 28 yrs old when my father was born in 1924.

My father states a George Glass as his father on his naturalisation form.

My father also had a brother named George.

This is all i can offer to you regarding my Grandfather.

If anyone can provide further information please get in touch with Graham McGlashen

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