Chris ‘Curly’ Green

Ashore in Hamburg

From Left: Pete Voisey Cadet, Chris Isaac Cadet, Howard Anguish Cadet, Chris Jupe Cadet, Chris Green Cadet, ??? 3rd Engineer, Ian Pegg Radio Officer

St John 1963

Chris and I sailed together as cadets on St John for seven voyages, we shared many scrapes together.

I recall how one evening in Santos he and I slid ashore wearing t shirt, jeans and flip-flops. In Saint Line this was simply not the approved shore going rig for young officers. We were observed making our dash for freedom by Captain Al Stacey.

The following morning the two of us were summoned to the Captain’s dayroom and asked what were we thinking of going ashore dressed like that. I suspected that this was a purely rhetorical question and could be answered quite adequately by a shameful look downwards. Green however did not grasp this nuance of the english language and piped up “Well sir, it all depends where you are going!”

True though that answer may have been it cost us a temporary loss of shore leave. But I do like to think that Capt Stacey (Big Al) was somewhat amused by the event.

I know that Chris now lives in Australia but I would love to make contact with him again.


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