Henry Richmond Inigo-Jones

Greetings All:

I'm currently researching a chappie, Henry Richmond INIGO-JONES, who, after leaving Worcester, in the Spring of 1917, was employed in the Union Castle Liner Alnwick Castle -- and was sunk within his first 48 hours at sea (on 19 Mar 1917, 300 miles off the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall). After what I can only suppose was a horrific few days in an open boat, he was rescued and continued his service in the Union Castle Liner Cluny Castle.

I am attempting to ascertain Cluny Castle's movements for the next six months, ie., June to Dec 1917. Any assistance, of course, greatly appreciated.



In Our Dominion of the North

PS: Inigo-Jones went on to join the Royal Indian Marine (later re-Christened the Royal Indian Navy), rising to several positions of command, retiring from the RIN in 1949 as Commodore-in-Charge,Bombay.

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