1984 - November

Scottish Eagle

20 November

At Falkland Islands

Scottish Lion

20 November

At Piney Point


J Caley

A Terras

Chief Officer

P Simpson

R Ward

Second Officer

C Turner

A Gorringe

Third Officer

P Hall

C Batty

Radio Officer

J Duckworth

T Martel


P Dillon

D Collins

Chief Engineer

A Garside

R Hayton

Second Engineer

L Morrison

H Dowding

Jnr Second Engineer

R Hurst

I Mutch

Third Engineer

S Knapp

J Lawson

Junior Engineer

A McCreadie

Engineer Cadets

D Rolfe

M Dewey

D Yates

R Kiernan

Senior Mechanics

T MacDonald

V Ruddy

S Stanley


T Robson

O Clipstone

Purser Catering Officer

A May

P McCauley

Chief Cook

P Trunkfield

H Bardsley

Second Steward

D Stannard

A Routledge

The following ships are also managed by Cayzer, Irvine Shipping Limited:

Al Attared,   Al Moshtaree,   Al Zohal,   Al Zahrah,   Kawkab 1,   Al Mareekh,   Scirocco Universal,   Caspian Universal   and   Speedster Universal

Scottish Tankers

Other B & C Vessels

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