John Ralph

Email 13 June 2013

I am trying to trace a friend of my father's, John Ralph, known only as Taffy Widger.

Sadly my father died nearly 6 years ago so my mum has been looking through old photos and came across the attached of my dad (on the left) with Taffy Widger on the right.  Dad and Taffy sailed together on the Rowallan Castle and the photo was taken at Las Palmas in May 1953 on board ship.

Taffy Widger was also my Godfather but mum & dad lost touch with him many, many years ago.

It would be wonderful if you have any way of tracing Taffy or even better if Taffy has contacted you, though I understand "Taffy" isn't going to be the key here ha ha ha!!!

I've attached both the photo and the back of the photo for information.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Best wishes


Rowallan Castle - 1953

At Las Palmas

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