Roger F Budden

Email 2 June 2013


My Name is Phil Budden and I am researching my Budden  family tree

I recently identified a Roger F Budden (cousin) who I have found as listed  return trip From Dubai to Southampton in Oct 1959, aboard the Winchester Castle 1...

His reason for travel was listed as a “supplier”...

That currently is the sum extent of what I know about this gent,( beyond his birth date) and I was wondering if u may know what a “supplier” was and if he may have been a crew member of this vessel /

Any assistance with regards this issue would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards

Phil Budden

Contact phone number available on request

Reply 3 June 2013

Anything you can add would be helpful… eg his birthday.

Winchester Castle would never have visited Dubai, I suspect this may mean Durban

I will post it in the “People Search” section and see what we get.

If he was a passenger then I doubt he will be traced.



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