William Wenborn

E-mail 21st July 2008

I am trying to trace my maternal grandfather William Wenborn. He was a trimmer/fireman on a number of Union Castle ship including SS Guildford Castle, SS Grantully Castle, SS Garth Castle and SS Dunluce Castle dring the 1920s up to and including 1932.

His Merchant Seaman's book number is 964198.


Lynn Hayes

Here is a verbatim copy of his seaman's book.  

He died in 1939 of Malaria he contracted while away at sea.


Lynn Hayes

Discharge Book Number:  964198

Address: 19 Stewart Street, Poplar, London

Place of Birth:  London

He had a tattoo on his right arm Heart, Cross and Anchor.

SHIP                                Dominic 105350

REGISTERED                 Liverpool 1898

FROM                             Engagement 21 June 1918

TO                                   Discharge 20 September 1918


RATING                          Trimmer, Fireman

Description of voyage:  Mediterranean, USA, Black Sea, Australia, West Indies, New York, Cape Ports, S. Africa. Beira, Mauritius.


SHIP                                Windhoek

Official No.                       143110

REGISTERED                  London  3950


SHIP                                 Quilpue

Official No                        124085

REGISTERED                  Liverpool

TONNAGE & H.P.          T. 1959   H.P. 800

Year                                 1920

VOYAGE                         West Indies


SHIP                                 Vennonia

Official No.                       142630


Year                                  1920


SHIP                                 SS Gaika

Official No.                        10890

ENGAGED                       Southhampton

TONNAGE & H.P           T.13975  H.P. 508

Year                                  1922

Description of voyage         Home Trade


SHIP                                  SS Grantully Castle

Official  No.                       129058

REGISTERED                   London

TONNAGE & H.P.           T. 4794   H.P. 058

Year                                  1924

Description of voyage         South Aftica


SHIP                                  SS. Garth Castle

Official No.                        129078

TONNAGE & H.P.           T.4751   H.P. 680

Year                                  1928

Description of voyage         Beira


SHIP                                  SS. Duncastle

Official No.                        118490

TONNAGE & H.P            T. 5019   H.P. 965

Year                                   1930

Description of voyage          Home Trade


SHIP                                  Guildford Castle

Official No.                        132611

TONNAGE & H.P            T. 4907  N.H.P. 752

Year                                  1932

Description of voyage         South and East Africa

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