Gilbert Tipper

email 26th March 2008 from Christine Alen


Dear Owen

On looking on the above web site I searched for my uncle who served on a number of ships including the Glenart Castle in 1916. His name was Gilbert Tipper.

I know he started as a Bell Boy at 15 years old, but do not know what other jobs he held, but it seams he could turn his hand to most things. He also worked on the ships bringing cattle across from America to England.  

He also served on the following ships

Kenilworth Castle


Balmoral Castle







President Polk

President Adams

President Van Buren

SS Republic

SS Rove City

SS Portland

SS Leviathan


I also have the dates he joined these ships, if you need them. I know not all these were Union Castle ships, but could he be included on the list on the Shipmates Staff Register?

I have copied into this e-mail my cousin David who is Gilbert’s son, he lives in Canada

If you need any other information please let us know.

Kind regards



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