Leonard Dolphin Teadham

E-mail 03/09/07


I happened across your wonderful site www.unioncastlestaffregister.co.uk by chance today. My father, Leonard Dolphin Teadham,  was a steward with Union Castle after discharge from the services after World War II until early 1949. He was a steward on Edinburgh Castle for at least part of that time, and often spoke of his travels and free time in South Africa. He now has dementia so is unable to contact you direct, but before this condition developed he used to reminisce freely about his Union Castle colleagues, which alas meant little to me then. Now the family cannot put names to the faces in the photographs, as he was not one for writing things down.

To celebrate my father's eightieth birthday I had a painting  commissioned of Edinburgh Castle leaving Cape Town, which now hangs on my wall, and a postcard reproduction of the painting was made for commercial use though not released. I have been fortunate in becoming involved in a small way in the restoration of "Medusa", Harbour Defence Motor Launch 1387, now being rebuilt with Lottery support at Hythe, in Hampshire. This ship is the last HDML left in original condition and took part in D-Day. The Medusa Trust was fortunate to be able to recover timbers from Edinburgh Castle from the ship breakers, and the chairman is arranging for a small commemorative plaque to be mounted on a section of her handrail for me. So she will live on as part of Medusa, we hope for at least another half century.

Hope this is of interest, I  would be happy to forward one of the postcards if you care to let me have an address.


Mark Teadham

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