Ronald J Tarrant

E-mail 20/07/07

My uncle was with Union Castle as follows:

Ronald Tarrant.

1948 – Winchester Castle –        Laundry Boy

                                                Assistant Steward

                                                Bedroom Steward

1949 – Durban Castle -               Bedroom Steward

1950 – Arundel Castle -              Bedroom Steward

                                                Lounge Steward

1959 – Pendennis Castle -          Lounge Steward – Maiden Voyage

1960 – Windsor Castle -             The Lounge Steward – Maiden Voyage

                                                Smoke Room Steward

                                                Barman First Class Smoke Room until disposal 1978

Steve Bryan

Update from “British Merchant Navy - Old Friends Plus” Web Site

6 June 2013 from John Strange

Looking at the staff register I noticed Ron Tarrant first class smoke room barman on the Windsor 1972. Ron was on the Windsor I think since her maiden voyage. He was involved in organising the Ships Dance each voyage homeward bound on Tuesdays at the De Waal Hotel. He was also involved in setting up the sound system in the Navigators Den.

From B&C Review  June 1961

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