Albert Theodore Steinbach


Owen, thanks for a very good site. I am trying to research my maternal grandfather who died a number of years before I was born. Albert Theodore Steinbach was his name: he was born in Cape Town of Danish parents in 1884.

He must have joined the Union Castle Coy as a young lad (date unknown), in Cape Town, as a clerk. He appears to have risen through the ranks and on retirement / on his death in 1939 was the head of the Companies offices in Durban or so I have been led to believe.

A perk for staff (at what level of seniority this became effective I do not know) seems to have been relatively inexpensive if not free trips between SA and England for such employees and their families. There is ample evidence per incoming passenger lists of him and various members of the family travelling from as early as 1909 to (his widow) in1953.

Can you suggest where such company records could be traced as I would like to learn more about his life and his career with Union Castle which spanned some 40 years.

Quentin Hawkes


South Africa    

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