Edward Smith

Email from Dave Smith 11th Feb 2010


First what a great website - its shame it didn't exist when my father was alive. Like you say its a piece of history that could have been lost forever. In fact it was my fathers inspiration serving with the union castle line that encouraged me to go to sea (working on the cruise liners).

Obviously I would like to add his name to the staff list. Could you tell me how I can go about this or what information you require from me so that you can add him.

All I can tell you is his name was Edward Smith nickname 'smudge' I think he took a lot of photos whilst at sea. He was on the Edinburgh castle i think mainly in the 50's he was a quartermaster.



Note:   The 'Quartermaster' is the oldest job description at sea.    It originates from the day when vessels were steered by an oar projecting from the starboard or 'steerboard' quarter, the after part of the ship is the quarter deck.   (Hence 'port side', the side it was more convenient to go alongside a jetty without unshipping the steering oar.)

The task of steering the vessel was that of the master or his mates, hence 'quartermaster'.

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