Sandown Castle

SANDOWN CASTLE was built in 1921 by Short Bros. in Sunderland with a tonnage of 7607grt, a length of 445ft, a beam of 56ft 4in and a service speed of 12.5 knots.

She was built as a cargo only ship and operated between the USA and South Africa occasionally triangulating with the UK.

When, in 1922, the absorption of war Built standard ships into commercial service created a surplus she was laid up for several months.

In 1924 she carried 330 head of live cattle from South Africa to Birkenhead the intention being to create a market to rival that of the River Plate. However, the post-slaughter price was too high and the venture was discontinued in the same year.

During 1946 she was given a lavender hull but after a short time reverted to black with a white band. She was scrapped in 1950.

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