John Leslie Saxton

From Mrs. Sheila Saxton  27/01/2007

My Father-in-Law died in November 1931 when he was aged 42, leaving his son (my late husband) aged only 15 months.

This is an extract from his obituary:

"During the past 20 years Mr.Saxton has been a well known figure in London travel circles.  After serving for some little time as an ASSISTANT PURSER with the UNION-CASTLE LINE, Mr.Saxton (John Leslie) joined the staff of Pitt & Scott Ltd."

I have evidence of him being in Cape Town S.A. on 4th August 1909 - was he on a Union-Castle ship?  Any background info would be appreciated.

His Father was George William Saxton  and Grandfather Henry William Saxton, they both might have had a connection with the sea.

Sheila Saxton

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