Peter Paine

Seniority date 5/07/1950

Left Company ?

Hello Owen,

Just discovered your excellent web site, but why not me on the Register ?

Peter Paine, last position Chief Officer Rowallan Castle, Old Worcester served time with U-C whole career with U-C.

Knew your Father of course. Have recently been in touch, by email with Cutcliffe who mentioned you.

Sailed with him in Capetown C.approx 1951.

Have also been in touch with J.D.B. Fisher's daughter, by I think what must be his 3rd , certainly, but maybe his 4th wife ! I knew his first two ! She lives in the U.S. and is big in whale conservation.

Many voyages with J.D.B.

Rhodesia C. under Cambridge when he put ship aground coming out of Aden ! Could go on and on, but won't bore you

With kind regards, Peter Paine.

"Carnarvon Castle" in the 1950's

from left to right:  Bob Kerr 1st Officer, Peter Pain 2nd Officer, J.D.B. Fisher Captain, Richard Pape Chief Officer and Mike Llewellyn 3rd Officer.

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