Michael ‘Titus’ Oates

Trinity House Pilot, Southampton

Email received 8 October 2013

Hi Chris

I have just found your website (and as a result also just joined the Union Castle Facebook group!) as I was just browsing to see if there was anything about my dad, who was with Union Castle from around 1945 to 1958-9.

You have him listed as 'Titus' Oats - 'Titus' was indeed his nickname, and his actual name was Michael (the surname is Oates by the way). 

He absolutely loved his time with Union Castle and used to tell great stories about it!  He became a Trinity House Pilot, another job he loved, about the time I was born in 1959 and kept a connection with Union Castle through being one of their 'choice pilots'. I remember as a child taking calls sometimes from a Captain Hodson who would let him know the timing for incoming ships.

Sadly my dad died in 2002, but I have various photos and letters which I will take a look at and perhaps post anything interesting on the Facebook site.

Thanks for your work on managing this site - it was a great find.

Warm wishes

Linda Hills (nee Oates)

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Warwick Castle

2nd Officer


Carnarvon Castle

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