Charles McKinstry

E-mail 21.08.2007 from Steven McKinstry

Hi and thanks for all your work on the website. I came across it when looking for information about the Rustenburg Castle. My father served on this ship in 1946-47 and was involved in the sea trials from Harland and Wolff. At that time he would have been a very junior engineering officer and had joined the Union-Castle line to further his experience, having just completed his course in mechanical engineering at Belfast Technical College. He then joined the ship and went twice to South Africa. Sadly he died in 1999 and it is only recently I have talked in detail to my mother about his experiences.

I do recall him telling me about problems which were experienced on the maiden voyage regarding the refrigeration system. Having taken the precaution of buying and reading a book on the subject while waiting in Southampton, his knowledge apparently got the Chief Engineer out of a problem and earned the thanks of the Captain.

If any of your correspondents remember this period I would be delighted to hear from them. My father's name was Charles McKinstry and he was from Belfast.


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