Frederick W T McGowan

GM  Lloyds War Medal For Bravery

From the Union-Castle Chronicle by Marischal Murray page  226.

".........the first radio officer, Mr. F.W.T. McGowan, had sent out the distress message before his set was wrecked.   When bombs began to hit the vessel he was trapped in his cabin with three other men.   As soon as the blast had cleared he removed the debris and forced his way out.   He returned three times, to release the others, two of whom were badly hurt, and by his efforts alone were they dragged to safety."

McGowan, Frederick William Terence

First Radio Officer

Walmer Castle

21 Sep 1941

L.G. — 6 Jan 1942

Ll.W.M. (Ll.L., 16 Apr 1942)

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