James McCullough

I would like to add my name to your ships register. My name is James McCullough.

I served on:

Capetown Castle from 28 Dec 1946 to 28 Nov 1947 (7 Trips) ,

Durban Castle from 31st Dec 1947 to 28 Sep 1948 (5 Trips),

Capetown Castle again from 3rd Nov 1948 to July 1949 (5 Trips) ,

Dunnottar Castle 11 Aug 1949 to 12 Oct 1951 (9 Trips),

Back to Capetown Castle (1 Trip),

Winchester Castle Jan 1952 to Aug 1952 (4 Trips) .

I finished off as Senior 3rd Engineer to settle down in Port Elizabeth South Africa and then on to Wartburg South Africa.


James McCullough

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