Helen M Turton

Now Stewart

Hello Chris

Attached is my form for your B&C website.  Then I was Helen Turton (Purserette), but met Alan (Stewart) on the Edinburgh, and we married in 1970.  Do you remember me travelling supernumerary on the Southampton when you were there?  Every time they play Cracklin Rosie, I think of you!  I see from Mike Morley’s emails that he has invited you to the Reunion in September – will you be there?  We try not to miss one, and have already booked to go, so hope to see you then.

Kind regards,


Also served on the Pendennis Castle (April to September 1968), the Edinburgh Castle (October 1968 to June 1969), and 3 voyages on the Reina.

Helen at the 2019 Purser’s Association Reunion

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