Kenneth Ross

(1) Aboard Capetown Castle during her engine / generating room explosion North bound off Las Palmas October 1960.  Resulting with serious loss of life & structural damage. Landed life boat passengers ashore at local L.P hotel. Returned aboard remained until last flight home.

(2) Aboard Reina Del Mar cruise of bureau safe robbery berthed overnight at Lisbon. During ships inspection found gun and pack of sandwiches in unoccupied passenger cabin (false alarm) items belonged to shore side ships guard, junior purser failed to record cabin allocation. Lock smith engaged to open safe found to be empty of some thirty nine thousand pounds. Local police, Interpol heavily involved for several cruises.


(3) The Mr Quigley episode.. Officer’s stwd  aboard R. D. Mar decided to jump over board during board of trade sports in Mediterranean, was eventually successfully rescued by emergency boat crew, discharger at Naples to  fly home, air line celebratory flight with free drinks, during flight he attempted to go for walk at 32 thousand feet.

(4) Reina Del Mar  Male passenger (travelling with young ‘wife’ and baby ) found deceased in bed, widow on board agreed to burial at sea which was duly carried out early next morning . London office informed. Later vessel received confusing message from company .. “Widows at home wishes body be returned home for burial. Too late!  Apparently the ‘young’ widow aboard was deceased’s secretary who had recently given birth to his child or so it was said?.

(5) Reina Del Mar  Deck steward suspected of possession of huge quantity of drugs purchased in Morocco, police and customs at Southampton informed, followed drug consignment to London and Brighton, broke up drug ring, handsome reward offered to myself and one member of staff which was refused , suggested it be awarded to widows and orphans.

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