Capt John M Lycett


Known throughout the Company as 'Lofty', Captain Lycett he was well liked by all who sailed with him.   He certainly had some quirky ways!  

His appointment as master to a vessel was always heralded by the arrival of a carpenter to lengthen his bunk, his nickname of 'Lofty' was not for nothing, he must have been all of six foot six tall.   'Lofty' also had a 'thing' about noise, he could not stand the sound of the OOW's feet marching up and down the bridge, double thickness of coir mats alleviated that problem.


Taken from October issue of the Review

Captain J.M. Lycett who retired on the 1st September (1967), served his apprenticeship with the Aberdeen White Star Line. On obtaining his second mate's certificate he joined Frank C. Strick & Co., - trading to the Persian Gulf - and putting in the qualifying time for his master's ticket.

In August 1935, having completed twelve months Royal Naval Reserve training, he joined the Union-Castle Line as fourth officer and served in Edinburgh Castle and various mail and intermediate vessels until he was appointed chief officer of the Rochester Castle in June 1939.   Two months later he was called up to join H.M.S. "Hood".   He served in her and H.M.S. "Mashona" for the first year of the war and was fortunate to leave before they were sunk by enemy action.

From October 1940 to January 1943 he commanded H.M.S. "Pintade" in the channel convoy and was Mentioned in Dispatches and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Subsequently he commanded St. Modwen and L.S.T.2.

Captain Lycett returned to Union-Castle as first officer of Winchester Castle in February 1946 and served in mail vessels until promoted to master of Roslin Castle in October 1951.   He thereafter commanded various cargo ships.   Since being ill in Durban in March this year necessitating his leaving the Clan Maclean, Captain Lycett was engaged on coasting voyages up to the time of his retirement.

From B&C Review June/August 1959

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