I've just been reading your web page.My wife brought it to my attention in the latest edition of 'Family Tree'.

I had a few happy moments reading through the names I recall Bob Bamlett, Mike Llewellyn, DD Mackenzie (Arundel) and 'Logger' Lloyd (Winchester) we also knew him as 'swivel eye'! (because he could sense or hear or see whatever was happening in two directions)

I was Junior and Intermediate fourth mate on the Arundel in 1954-5 and then intermediate and senior fourth mate on the Winchester 1955-6.

Happy times!

I have lived in Australia for the past twenty five years through several directorships eventually getting to own and operate my own small shipping company. Now retired.

I appreciate from your comments you don¹t wish to be inundated with verbiage .

I have just finished a two volume autobiography for my children (3)and grandchildren (7) some 1500 pages of what some might say was an interesting life. The chapter on Union Castle I'm sure brings a smile even a chuckle to some of the readers!

Congratulations on your efforts I have been looking for Mike Llewellyn for some time. I see you have him on your list but how do I get in touch?

kind regards

Al Lewins

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