Michael ‘Timmo’ Knowles


Email 23rd February 2008

How do you do Mr Owen I have just got the net etc and been looking at the UCL because I  was a Radio Officer in the company from 1935 to 52.  I suppose senior citizens look back on the past.     I  sailed first on the "Hansa" from Southampton to Hamburg and Bremen  and the on the maiden voyage of the "Athlone Castle", but after that I sailed only on cargo boats, such as the lovely fast refrigerated ships "Roslin Castle" etc first for S. African fruit then to Argentina during the war for meat.

Did you write that piece about J.V.H. Drummond?  I knew him quite well and we played a lot of chess together circa 1950, perhaps in the "Dundrum Castle" with Captain Cambridge.  Do you think you could put me in touch with him?  First finding out whether he remembers me of course.  How did you get to know him so well, I wonder.   I was in operation Pedestal in the Rochester Castle. If you feel I can give you any info. I would be happy to try.

John  new me as Timmo, because I was learning Russian and there was a Russian marshal called Timoshenko. Might stir his memory. So sorry to hear his wife died, I recall sending her messages from sea.     

Look forward to hearing from you,

Regards,   Michael Knowles.                    

Mentioned in Despatches for his part in Operation Pedestal when serving aboard Rochester Castle as Second Radio Officer

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