Capt Charles William Hide

Charles William HIDE’s Second World War Service

Official Service Number      TS 1192

Rank                                                       Skipper, 1.5.1942 – 21.5.1945

Discharged dead on 21.5.1945  aged 64

Ship/Shore Establishments where served:

HMS Europa                           1.5.1942 – 24.5.1942

HMT Poseidon                     25.5.1942 –   3.7.1942

HMS Europa                           4.7.1942 –   6.7.1942

HMT Isle of May                 7.7.1942 –   9.3.1943

HMS Europa                         10.3.1943 – 21.5.1945


Europa - the naval base at Lowestoft between August 1939 and August 1946. The central depot for the Patrol Service.

Poseidon. Off No 132158

Steel screw ketch rigged steam trawler, (drifter).

Built August 1913 , as Yard No 491, by Alex Hall, Footdee, Aberdeen.


86.5ft L, 16.6ft B, 9.3ft D.

Triple expansion steam engine and one single ended boiler operating at 180lbs/sqin pressure supplied by the builders.

35 HP. Coal bunker capacity 23 tons, one deck.

Owners : A.Cowie & H.Duthie ,Portessie.

Port of Reg : Buckie.  Fishing No BK157.

1916.  10th January Requisitioned by Admiralty . Used mostly as a port messenger vessel.

1919.   February. Returned to commercial service.

1920.   A. Cowie, Portessie. No name change.

1939.   October, Requisitioned by Admiralty. Port examination vessel and later de-gauzing vessel.

1945    June, Cairo Steam Fishing Co., Ltd., Milford Haven. Re- registered in Lowestoft . Fishing No LT105. NNC.

1948.   G.Watt, J.Morgan & Geo Buchan , Peterhead. Re-registered in Peterhead. Fishing No PD 12. NNC.

1952.   Geo Buchan & others, Peterhead. NNC

1955.   28th March.  Sold at Peterhead to BISCO. Arrived Charlestown, Fife,30th April 1955 , demolition commenced May 1955.

Isle of May - steam yacht.  119 tons Built 1896. Hired for naval service in 1940 as an examination vessel. Returned to merchant owners 1944.

Examination vessels of this size were employed in ports and harbours checking merchant vessels

Charles William Hide (centre) Captain Whitely (right)   this photo probably taken c.1907-1908 when Charles was 2nd mate of the White Star liner 'Teutonic'.

Captain Hide

photo probably taken c1942 when Skipper, R.N.

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