Stuart Henderson

I sailed in the 1950s firstly on the Llangibby Castle on the Round Africa service from London in the catering department ,  and secondly and later, on the newer Braemar Castle as crew messman on which I did two trips.  

I did thirty years at sea in total,the first ten years fulfilling my dream of seeing the world. Later settled down and was fifteen years as Purser/CS on Cunard  cargo liners. Then finished up on ferries (after married advice !)

Anyway enough of my credentials as it were.  I now live in SW France and recently during a visit to a vide grenier (car boot sale) I spotted a B&W photograph of the Dunvegan Castle which I purchased.  

I went on the computer to find out more about the vessel as I must admit I had not heard the name before, although in the old days had come across Dunnottar Castle in ports.  

I found out that she had been torpedoed and sunk off Ireland in 1941.  

I thought there may be some families associated with former crew who might like to have the photograph.  Accordingly I have just put  a notice on the MNA website, but having just read through your interesting site thought you might be aware of somebody as you deal with the UC fleet..  

Please contact me, or have them contact me and I will send it off.

Best wishes,

Stuart Henderson


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