John Atkins


Email 23 March 2009

Im writing this e-mail to ask for information on how to find a crew member who served on the Stirling Castle around 1965. Having looked on your website, I was unable to find the person in question.

The persons name was John Atkins aged approx 23 and worked as a greaser. I'm not sure if he would have been listed on your site as I'm not sure if all crew members are listed..

With your knowledge, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to find this person. Im desperate to know if such a person by that name did work on the Stirling Castle as a greaser. Im helping my Partner find her natural father and am hoping you may guide me to areas of where to look.

Many Thanks.

Email 12 April 2009

Thankyou so much for your reply Owen.

When you said you will put John on the site, does that mean you can confirm a John Atkins was a greaser on the Stirling Castle in 1965. Me and my partner have got some documents from the National Archives, but we are still at a loss..

Would your entry give a date of birth so we could narrow down our search to an individual instead of the dozens of John Atkins we have or are in the process of getting from National Archives. One stands out more than the others, but he worked for Caltex shipping but his file ended in 1964 and by the looks of things, if I am correct he had his pension moved to another company.

I believe that he went to work on the Castle Lines. His date of birth was 30/01/1941 and birth town of Sheffield. We simply are running out of areas to look Owen.

With your knowledge I was hoping you may be able to say we are heading in the right direction. I fully understand if you cant help beyond your means. Once again....

Thankyou very much Owen.

Your e-mail meant a lot to us.

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