Claude Harland

From Elizabeth Harland  16th Jan, 2012

I have some information that I got from Kew about his merchant navy records.

The following are some of the ships he served on from 1954 to 1963.

Carnarvon Castle 1954 to 1955 first as K.P. then BRS

Athlone Castle 1961 to 1962 as what looks like asst baths

Pendennis Castle 1963 as t/c brs and then t/b4

Some of the paperwork is very hard to read but i think the ranks are what I have written.

I know that he was still with Union-Castle up to as captains steward and I think some of that was on the Windsor and the Transvaal.

As I said he also had a brother who served on Union-Castle as well and his name was William Harland.

Many of his friends and colleagues came and stayed at our house when I was growing up and hopefully they will remember him and be able to add to this history for me.

Obituary - 2008

Service Record



Carnarvon Castle

Bedroom Steward



Athlone Castle

Asst Bath Steward



Pendennis Castle

Bedroom Steward



Windsor Castle

Capt’s Steward

SA Vaal

Capt’s Steward

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