Noel Pugh

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My name Noel Pugh I signed on in Southampton in 1952 before my army demob leave was over, sailing on Carnarvon Castle as scullion as that was the only job available.

On our return from the Cape heard the swimming pool/masseur was signing off, I asked Bill Byles the master if I could take the job.

Anyway I did and spent a year or so rejoined army for five years on my return signed on again-on the same Carnarvon, looking around the galley saw many of the crew recognized me from the previous time five years before

I last sailed on the SA Vaal as masseur February 1970, under Captain Lloyd. the South African master.

Live now in USA near Reagan library, wish I stayed in Cape Town.

Noel Pugh

previous ships Edinburgh, Carnarvon, Pendennis Castle

Review - December 1965

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