Over the years a great number of postcards were produced of nearly all of the fleets. With the usual Union-Castle eye for economy it was not uncommon for one photograph to be used for sister ships I.e Kenya, Braemar and Rhodesia Castles.

Not only was there the standard company issue card but many independent cards were also published.

Occasionally cards were produced to commemorate special events such as those on this page.

The departure from Cape Town of a fleet of six vessels under

Royal Naval escort in 1914

Passengers embarking in Southampton

Armadale Castle

Arundel Castle

Athlone Castle

Balmoral Castle

A booklet was published that was available for passenger to purchase containing a number of postcards depicted places or events of interest during a voyage with the company

Union-Castle Head Office marking the passing of King Edward VII in 1910

Deck Billiards

Are You There ?

Cigarette & Necktie Race

Concert on Deck



Palm Trees - Madeira

Waterfall - Madeira

Slinging the Monkey

Potato Race

Four Palms - Santa Cruz

Adderley Street - Cape Town

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Dunvegan Castle

Durban Castle

Durham Castle

Bloemfontein Castle

Braemar Castle

Capetown Castle

Carnarvon Castle

Cawdor Castle

Dover Castle

Drakensburg Castle

Dunbar Castle

Dunluce Castle

Dunnottar Castle

Garth Castle

Glengorm Castle

Gloucester Castle

Good Hope Castle

Grantully Castle

Guildford Castle


Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Castle

Kenya Castle

Llandaff Castle

Llandovery Castle

Llangibby Castle

Llanstephan Castle

Pendennis Castle

Pretoria Castle

Reina Del Mar

Rhodesia Castle

Riebeeck Castle

Southampton Castle

Stirling Castle

Tantallon Castle

Tintagel Castle

Transvaal Castle

Walmer Castle

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

Winchester Castle

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle


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