1961 - March

The Cargo Service



Left Liverpool

23 March

For Mauritius



Left  Liverpool

29 March

For E Africa



Left London

30 March

For Port Sudan


Left Liverpool

31 March

For L Marques


Left Rotterdam

31 March

For S & E Africa


D L Weston

H I S White

W H Dalley

J Browne

T R Halliday

Chief Officer

T L Kirby

R K Wilson

P A MacNiven

D M Geddes

T R Parsons

Second Officer

C A Wraight

D C Wellstead

J H Buttress

A M Ewing

M G Dominy

Third Officer

J G Hancock

R H Leggatt

D C Warwick

D L Bark

D V Heiden


M J Allen

R E Mennell

E G Baden

D Ward

H Walker

J R Ashley

P Koenig

D M Morrison

P Dathan

M Thomas

Radio Officer

J Cox

R Dolby

T McAnerney

F E Anderson

W Latus


D Varley

C Carmichael

W G Bruce

A B Minton

J E Robertson

Asst Carpenter

S McK Wright

B Salthouse

Purser/Catering Officer

A Morton

S Whittaker

I Hurst

J W Nevin

D Shanks

Second Steward

Chief Engineer

W J Gear

C Ross

B Higgins

A C W Logie

W J Duncan

Second Engineer

P Wilson

R J Wilson

G H McCoard

J B Taylor

R W Garrity (Ex)

S J Goldsmith

Jnr Second Engineer

J Ravey

R S Murray

B R McGonigal

Third Engineer

D C Broomfield

T H G Cairncross

D B Rutherford

J Smith

C W Robinson

Fourth Engineer

A B Young

B Hill

E Richardson

V A M Jones

P L Greyvenstein

Junior Engineer

J R R Linnen

M A J Ritchie

B Townsley

D Sutton

W McQueen

M C Ryan

B N Gobey

J McKee

First Frig Engineer

J Skelly

J Heslin

D Slattery

Second Frig Engineer

J Blair

A Shields

Third Frig Engineer

D Le Roux


H A S Jones

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