Union-Castle Line - The Post War Liners

Peter Newall

Union-Castle Line

The Post War Liners

By Peter Newall

Published by Ships Illustrated

Although it is almost forty years since Union-Castle Line ended its 120-year-old passenger mail service to South Africa, few British shipping lines evoke as much nostalgic comment as this great company.  

This book by Peter Newall, the well-known author of the definitive Union-Castle a Fleet History, tells the story of the final liners built for the company between 1948 and 1962.  

It also features Reina del Mar, the only Union-Castle cruise ship.  

Using almost 270 photographs, many in colour, this unique book features not only the ship histories but also full description of their interior.

“This really is a very fine book which has been published by Ships Illustrated and as it only covers the vessels which were built after 1948 it will be very relevant to all our U.C. Association members. The purchase price of £7.95, which includes postage and packing seems to be very reasonable.”

Colin Dellar (Ex Purser)

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