Clan Campbell (1)

Excerpts from Le Cerneen newspaper of 22-9-1882

The sinking of the Clan Campbell  

21 September 1882

This morning, a telegram from the Inspector of Police for Savane District was received by the Port Master of the city of Port Louis at about 0900.

It announced that a large steamer had run aground off the coast of Bel Ombre. It was the Clan Campbell which had struck a  reef during the night,at about 0100. That superb ship was owned by the Clan Line and was on its inaugural run on a service linking England, the Cape of Good Hope and India..It arrived at the Cape with a large range of goods including a  consignment of whisky bearing the same name.

The harbour tugs set off about noon for the site of the disaster.taking rescue equipment with them. For their part the consignees sent all the means of assistance at their disposal.

The sinking is exceptionaly serious as the ship's last port of call, East London was affected by an epidemy of smallpox. A member of the crew had been affected so all the survivors were immediately quarantined before being repatriated.

Bel Ombre


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