Hartland Point

This was one of Cayzer’s less thought out ventures. I believe the technical department thought this was a good idea and that they would get an opportunity in the North Sea repair business.

Hartland Point was an ex submarine depot and repair ship, a Fort class WW2 vessel.

The joint venture was a disaster, the shipyard “maties” had a “work to rule” mindset and the work had to come to the vessel - they put a Manitowoc crane on the back and a helipad forward and that was about it.  

They had to get steam men from the fleet to run her.  She worked, as I recall, in the likes of the Firth of Forth but the venture only lasted a year or two, in the late seventies she was laid up in Birkenhead.  

HMS Hartland Point

Built for Landing Craft Maintenance

1956: Commenced conversion to Escort Maintenance ship;

1960: Operational base ship at Hong Kong;

1965: Reserve status at Portsmouth.

Clansman - April 1975

Life before CI Shipping

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