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11th - 13th October 2019

On October 8th 2016, 220 former shipmates and guests enjoyed another evening reminiscing the great life we enjoyed aboard our liners 40 or more years ago.

In the presence of our President, Jamie Cayzer-Colvin, our memories were sharpened by the models and pictures brought down from Cayzer House and enhanced by the decoration of flags and photos from our past. Yet again the chatter carried on until the early hours, resuming at breakfast on Sunday.

In his welcoming speech to the guests, Jamie announced that he would like to host our next event in 2019 at the newly refurbished Cayzer House in London.

Jamie’s generous offer to host the occasion is combined with his intention to make available accomodation at the Sloane Club in which Caledonia Investments has a financial interest.

The gist of the comments we hear time and again after our reunions can be summarised by: “There is never enough time to get around and see everyone we would wish to. Can’t we extend the event to ensure that we can?”

Present thinking is that the main reception will be held at Cayzer House at lunchtime on Saturday, running into the afternoon, making the evening available for further trips down ‘Memory Lane’ on our return to the comfort of the lounges at the Club. Friday and Sunday will present further opportunities for those of us wishing to make the most of a Capital Weekend.

These are early days of course and details of the event will be worked out over the coming months, but the idea will give us the opportunity to make a really grand occasion and enjoy the family hospitality of the new Cayzer House.

Mike Morley

December 2016

Union-Castle Line

Pursers and Shipmates Reunion 2016 and Plans for 2019

Artist’s Impression of the refurbished Cayzer House in Buckingham Gate

Revised Plans

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