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Review - April 1966

Review - December 1968

Review - October 1969

Master, Chief Officer and Cadets in 1975

Clan Menzies

Artist - Robert Lloyd

Clansman - June 1976

Chief Engineer John Smith getting to know one of his juniors

The names clearly made an impression: Captain Charles de Franca Hedges and Cadet Anthony John St Ledger Cochrane-Barnett !

Cadet Training Officer Donald Linehan standing with

Purser Noel Procter, Chief Engineer and Mrs Smith

3/O Ian Brimelow and T/O Donald Linehan seated,

Stephen Foster making pink gins behind the bar.

I’m guessing he’s getting advice from fellow cadet Roy Crowther.

L-R standing: Cadet Dave Beattie, T/O Donald Linehan, C/E’s wife Mrs Smith, Cadet Stephen Foster, Purser Noel Procter impersonating Baron von Richthofen Cadet Norman English, still wearing the captain's reefer jacket.

Captain Hedges pleading for his demotion to cadet to be reversed. An impressive array of empty bottles in the background.

Cadet Norman English getting accustomed to his rapid promotion.

L-R: C/O Arthur Wigham in disguise, T/O Donald Linehan, and Cadet Dave Beattie

I am indebted to Neil Purdon, then a cadet, for taking and submitting these photographs

Clan Menzies 1970.

From L to R Nick Row, Simon Cobley, Andy Wright, Dave Fawcitt, Tony Gorringe, Johny Guy,

 Pete Cookson, Dave Tweedy?, Bernie, Yaso, Stewart Thomas, Jerry Beavis

Review - October 1968

L - R Cadets G. Jenkins, D.Roberts and A. McKay, watched by 3rd. Engineer G. Evans.

From Tony White - CTO

By February 70, we had the situation of one half of the cadet unit undertaking their second trip, and one half their first, so the court of King Neptune was set up by the 2nd trippers, although I'm not sure if they were qualified for such a role.

We were somewhat cramped for space at No 4, the usual position for the swimming pool, by the carriage of six horses in stables, thus Neptune's Court had the addition of straw and lashings.

We had calls at Ascension and St. Helena where there are a couple of other shots of cadets.

Cadet P Cookson at Green Farm - Ascension Island

At Napoleon’s Tomb - St Helena

Life after Clan Line

From Clansman - April 1972

Clansman - April 1973

Voyage Notes - 1965

Clan Menzies Cadets - 1966

Clan Menzies Cadets - 1968

Clan Menzies Cadets - 1969

Clan Menzies Cadets - February 1970

Clan Menzies Cadets - 1972

Christmas Day - 1972

Clan Menzies Cadets - 1973

Clan Menzies Cadets - 1975

Clan Menzies Cadets - 1976

Cadet Intakes

Clan Menzies - Art Gallery

Clan Menzies Cadets - July 1970

Broken Tail Shaft - 1976

From Brian Hardy

Clan Menzies in Colombo dry dock late 1976.

We were on passage to India, light ship, when 400 or 500 miles from Colombo the tail shaft sheared

We drifted for a over a week, waiting for a tug, or another of the company’s vessels to tow us.

It took over a week for tug when connected to bring us into Colombo and dry dock for repairs

Elwyn Williams

Yep no Clan boat tow though it was about 10 - 14 days for the very small tug to arrive

I remember Captain Macintyre's face when he came back up to the bridge after witnessing the stern shaft shearing.

The 2nd of 3 incidents the Clan Menzies had in less than 6 weeks. 1st was the fuel pump drive shaft shearing on departure from Durban 5 days adrift. The 3rd was dragging anchor dead ship in Columbo harbour drifted into the ship astern of us, just minor damage to both ships, eventful trip it certainly was, learnt a lot as 2nd trip and only deck cadet on board.

I remember the diet of carrots and ducks eggs was a bit boring though, cracking time.

Still in Clan Line colours but seen leaving Durban as Trinity Splendour

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