Clan Malcolm (2)

The 4 cadets either side of the lady were the 4 that were transferred to   Ayrshire   after she had been run aground.

Nigel Butterfield,   Davy Drew,   John Wright  and   David Dearsley

From B&C Review June 1965

From B&C Review October 1966

According to “Crew Lists” the cadets aboard Clan Malcolm at this time were:

P Rogers   R Price   R Baxter   R Morrison   R Stone   B Stockley   P Wade   R Hunter   F Chadwick   and   A Morrison

Clan Malcolm

Oil on panel, 14 x 18 inches.

Signed and dated 2011

by Stephen J Card

Clan Malcolm at Aden

My father Captain G.W.Spiller was master on her 1966/7 and was presented with this lovely picture of the ship when he left.

It now has pride of place on our wall along with many of my own ships.

From Brian Spiller

Artist  John Stobart

9th October 1975 Clan Malcolm in the Royal Albert Docks, London.

Back Row.

Paul Seviour, Mike Scott, Kevin Hoare, Dominic Harvey Newell, Alan Brooke, Dave Edward Jones.

Front Row

Rysard Jan, Kelvin Green, David Jackson, Ian Cuthbertson (T/O), Capt Alasdair Terras, Hugh Robertson, Neville Brown, Chris Farrar.

More cadets also believed to be in 1975

K James, G. Hendry, M. Birch, R. Black, S. Cant. N. Dodson, A Gailbraith, S. Gobbi, J. Moore, R. Raybould, D. Turner.

From B&C Review February 1970

Clan Malcolm

Water Colour by Tony Westmore

Cadet Training

Life as a Cadet Ship

Clan Malcolm Art Gallery

From B&C Review April 1969

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