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Review  - December 1961

As Lichiang

Heavy Lifts and Awkward Shapes - August 1975

Life after Clan Line

The Launch - October 1961   &   Maiden Voyage - February 1962

Civil Unrest in Chittagong - April 1971

M/V CLAN MACNAIR, April 1971 evacuating 120 people from Chittagong, East Pakistan to Calcutta, India.

On 18 March 1971 M/V Clan MacNair left the port of Madras(Chennai) and went to anchor to await orders concerning final discharge port of Chittagong, East Pakistan(Bangladesh). A day later we left the anchorage and proceeded to Chittagong, arriving on the 23rd.

Once in port we realised all was not well. We had arrived at the start of civil disruption that led eventually to independence for East Pakistan from West Pakistan and the formation of Bangladesh.

Our stay there involved very little cargo work, gun boats, dead bodies, soldiers patrolling the quayside and shore leave being cancelled.

Somehow or other the UK Foreign Office contacted Captain Keith (Master) and arrangements were made for the MacNair to evacuate as many American and European residents who could make it to the ship and be taken onboard. Contact was made with the military by hailing a gunboat as it passed the ship on patrol.

Once approved by the military the BBC World Service broadcast the details to those who wanted to leave. We had several days of people arrivaling with increased security at the gangway, which included the night-watch Junior Engineers standing guard on deck, with a large shifting spanner, as well as in the engine room.



Left Birkenhead

25 January

For East Pakistan


W Keith

Chief Officer

J Brown

Second Officer

R Bigwood

Third Officer

J Barton


T Whittaker

Radio Officer

M MacDonald


T O’Leary


A Banerjee

Chief Engineer

J Duncan

Second Engineer

L Atkinson

Jnr Second Engineer

J Donaghy

Third Engineer

J Banks

Fourth Engineer

A Williams

Junior Engineer

A Curtis

Engineer Cadets

A Roots

P Fishlock

N Lindsay


M McDonald


R Mulkherjee

Purser/Catering Officer

J MacInnes

Chief Cook

L Gomes

Second Steward

G Rasul

We left Chittagong on 5 April and arrived Calcutta next day. The reception we received was huge, Bhandari Radio at its best!  There is a You-Tube video still available. There is also a NY Times article on the web.

We had a good time onboard over the days our visitors were with us, as everything changed. Different drinking friends, we vacated our accommodation to give everyone a small space to exist and changed eating routine. All our beer was consumed by the time we left Calcutta, three days later, and not replaced until we bunkered in Durban homeward bound on 24 May!

We got back to the UK mid June and I received the attached letter, which you may find interesting. I assume the rest of the ships company received it as well.

The names are listed in the Crew Lists for April 1971.

Andy Roots



Left Liverpool

22 February

For Mauritius


J Dunphy

Chief Officer

J D Chapple

Second Officer

J L Cameron

Third Officer

R H Leggatt


R Woodside

J Pitman

A A Blyth

W D Powell

Radio Officer

J K Patterson


R W Turner

Purser/Catering Officer

C F Howard

Chief Engineer

J C Sanders

Second Engineer

C M Bett

Jnr Second Engineer

J Sullivan

Third Engineer

J Duff

Fourth Engineer

A Devoy

Junior Engineer

N S Murchie

M R Collett

First Electrician

R Turriff

Second Electrician

L Stone

One of B&C’s Dafter Ideas - 1975

Clansman - February 1976

Clansman - June 1971

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