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From B&C Review  June 1962

From B&C Review October 1962

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Hopefully attached is a copy of a 'football programme' that was compiled by James Dawson (RO on Clan MacGillivray), I think the game took place November/December 1978.

I am unsure what section you can put this in, if you are going to use it.

The officers were:

Chris Kelly, Electrician     Brian Bannister, Junior Engineer        Jonathan Tickner, Purser           Simon Evans, Junior Second Engineer

Keith Swarbrick, Deck Cadet           Chris Whittle, Deck Cadet           Bill Fairclough, Engineer Cadet               Phil Hooper, 3rd Officer

Phil Borley, Second Engineer         James Dawson, RO               Dave Smith, 4th Engineer            William Ogg, Chief Engineer


Brian Bannister

Does anybody remember the thunder boxes? The one in the photograph was on the Clan MacGillivray whilst at anchor off Kakinada, India.

The dhows laden with tea were towed out to the ship and the cargo was transferred using the ships derricks, the dhows thereafter sailed back to port.

The ‘dockies’ stayed onboard the ship on the deck, they brought everything with them including their cooking implements. The smell was unreal and we were constantly offered food from the dockies. Boats used to come alongside and offer live chickens or prawns in return for empty paint tins or small drums.

On one occasion a dockie was occupying the thunder box when a dhow had its sail up ready to return to port and a gust of wind got up, the mast of the dhow collided with the thunder box and the poor dockie had to scramble over the rail whilst in mid-motion!!

Brian Bannister

Official Number

Ship Builder

Engine Builder

Engine Type

Greenock Dockyard


Barclay Curle


Diesel 6 Cyl



8500 BHP



Launch of Clan MacGillivray 1962

Clan MacGillivray - A Floating Test Bed

Sporting Club Clan MacGillivray

In spite of all the technology on board, some things just refused to evolve…. The Thunderbox

Life After Clan Line

As Clan MacBoyd

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