Clan Davidson (2)


Bonaventure returned to the UK, and remained in Royal Navy service for a further three years.

She was placed on the disposal list in 1948, and sold back to the Clan Line on 23 March 1948. She was converted back to mercantile use, and re-entered service as Clan Davidson. She was the first Clan Line vessel to re-enter service after the end of the war.

She was sold in 1963 and arrived at Hong Kong for scrapping on 25 December 1963.

From B&C Review  April 1959

Cadet Training



Years in Service


Clan Davidson (2)


Completed for Admiralty as HMS Bonaventure,

1948 returned to Clan Line, renamed Clan Davidson,

1961 scrapped


Life as a Cadet Ship

From B&C Review December 1958

A group of cadets circa 1960

Can anyone put names to faces?

Crew List of April 1960 may give some clues

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