Braemar Castle (3)

BRAEMAR CASTLE (4) was built in 1952 by Harland & Wolff in Belfast with a tonnage of 17029grt, a length of 576ft 5in, a beam of 74ft 3in and a service speed of 17.5 knots.

Sister of the Kenya Castle she commenced her maiden voyage on 22nd November on the Round Africa service via the Cape and Durban.

Her passenger accommodation was remodelled in 1960 to 459.

In October 1960 she briefly replaced the Edinburgh Castle on the mail run while she underwent engine repairs.

On 6th January 1966, after less than 14 years service, she arrived at Faslane for breaking up by Shipbuilding Industries.

A combination of the increased popularity of air travel and Independence of the former African colonies reducing the transit of Europeans made her uneconomic and surplus to company requirements.

From then on the service between East Africa and Europe was maintained by the British India Line's Uganda and Kenya and much of their time was spent carrying government officials.

From B&C Review  August 1963


Braemar Castle leaving Liverpool after her funnel was raised by Harland & Wolff.

Braemar Castle

Artist - Tony Westmore

Braemar Castle at Mombasa

Either Tantallon or Tintagel Castle alongside

Artist - John Stobart

From B&C Review February 1966

Braemar Castle is one of three Union-Castle ships I ever saw (the others were Kenya Castle and Rhodesia Castle).

In the drawing the ship is approaching Naples, Italy, on a typically hazy day.

The ship the right is Adriatica's Messapia.

The image of the Braemar Castle is loosely based on a photo I took of the ship docked at the Stazzione Marritima in Naples during February 1965.

The vignette is from my imagination.

Artist and artist’s notes - David Hendrickson

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