Clan Line in The Great War

Clan Line In The Great War

Archibald Hurd

Clan Line In The Great War

By Archibald Hurd

Published by Jarrold's Empire Press, Norwich

The fighting record of a famous British shipping line during the First World War - Clan Line - founded in Liverpool in 1878 by Sir Charles W. Cayzer, moving to Glasgow in 1882 to become Scotland's largest shipping line.

They suffered heavy losses between 1914 and 1918 and many heroic episodes under fire took place aboard their steamers.

Archibald Hurd describes all these events including the double tragedy of CLAN MATHESON and CLAN GRANT, both falling victim to the raider EMDEN.

The ordeal of the crew of CLAN MACFARLANE. An encounter with the raider MOEWE.

The sinking by U-boats of the CLAN CAMPBELL, CLAN LESLIE, CLAN SHAW, & CLAN MURRAY, etc.

The loss of the CLAN ALPINE torpedoed twice in one day. The remarkable experiences of the CLAN CAMERON.

The case of the CLAN MACPHERSON rammed in convoy and sunk.

The salving of CLAN MACKENZIE.

Plus other encounters with the enemy during which Clan Line lost 28 ships, taking with them the lives of 52 officers and 239 seamen.

Clan Line ships fought back attacking U-boats and surface raiders whenever possible - many going down fighting.

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