Ships That Pass

Ships That Pass

George Young

Ships That Pass

By George Young

Published by J.F Midgely, Kommetjie Cape Province

From Brian Bunyard

Ships that Pass written by George Young in 1976, like “Salt in My Blood” it has many amusing anecdotes, about the ships and the masters, again Union Castle features strongly, but so do other shipping companies as well.

Taking an extract from the book the writer recalls the following incident, involving Captain Bertie Barron.

Apparently he had the strange habit, of doing his rounds each day with his senior officers, armed with a pair of white kid gloves, he would then wipe a beam with his finger tips and if there was any dust on his gloves, he would then remove them and hand to the chief steward for washing, then taking out another pair from his pocket, he would continue, in the same routine. However one day he decided to place a South African 3c coin on a beam, to see if it would still be there the next day thinking it may have disappeared, during cleaning, but much to his surprise, the coin had been replaced with a 3c stamp.

There is also an interview with Captain Richard Wren, about his experiences when in command of the Rochester Castle, during Operation Pedestal to Malta in August 1942.

ISBN: 0 620 02151 9

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