Salt in My Blood

Salt in My Blood

George Young

Salt in My Blood

By George Young

Published by J.F Midgely, Kommetjie Cape Province

From Brian Bunyard

Salt in My Blood, written by the late George Young in 1974, Shipping Editor of the Cape Times and Winner of the National Award for Enterprising Journalism 1974

While not solely focused on Union Castle, it does have some very amusing anecdotes, about the ships and the masters.

To give you some idea, he tells the story about a group of firemen from the Transvaal that were all Afrikaans speaking and had signed on from Durban to Cape Town on the Sandgate Castle under the command of Charles Bickford, most of the firemen had never seen the sea and certainly had never been on a ship, also most of them could not speak English.

When asked by one the firemen who managed to speak broken English, if they would be relieved at Cape Town, they were told that they were going to Cape Town via New York.   

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