Fifty Thrilling Years at Sea

Fifty Thrilling Years at Sea

Capt G J Whitfield

Fifty Thrilling Years at Sea

 By Capt G J Whitfield

Published by Hutchinson & Co

No longer in print but well worth tracking down via the internet. A good copy can be purchased for under £20.

Capt Whitfield tells the stories of his entire sea going career.


Part 1

Windjammer Days

1. The Old and the New

2. My First Eventful Voyage

3. Mutiny

4. The Sail-Maker’s Shark

5. Rounding the Horn

6. Shanghai Brown of ‘Frisco’

7. Homeward Bound

8. My Second Voyage Begins Disastrously

9. The Haunted Ship

10. An Armed Hold-Up

11. Yellow Jack

12. Cleaning the Boca

13. Attempted Barratry of the ‘Jessie Stowe’

Part 2

Under Steam

1. Farewell to Sail

2. The Wreck of the ‘Newark Castle’

3. My War Experiences

4. My Comrades in the Merchant Service

5. My Daily Round

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