Ships and South Africa

Ships and South Africa

Marischal Murray

Ships and South Africa

By Marischal Murray

Published by Oxford University Press

A maritime chronicle of the Cape with particular reference to mail and passenger liners from the early days of steam.

Forward by General The Rt Hon J C Smuts

Pre-War history of Steam Navigation in the South African Trade

The author, who went on to write the Union-Castle Chronicle in 1953, produces here a pre-war account of the mail and passenger liners associated with South Africa and the Cape from the earliest days of steam covering in much detail the ships of Union, Castle, and Union-Castle Lines as well as other companies.

Part I has 18 chapters :

Pioneers (1825-1850).

The First Steam Coaster & Mail Steamers (1836-1856).

New Steamship Services :

Australia & the Cape (1852-1857).

Union Line and its first Rivals (1857-1871).

Further Rivalry : enter Donald Currie (1870-1872).

General Events (1863-1881).

Competition & Co-operation (1872-1886).

Castle v. Union (1876-1900).

The Boer War and After (1899-1904).

The Union-Castle Line (1900-1914).

The Great War and its effect on South African Shipping (1914-1915). Ditto (1916-1917). Ditto (1917-1918).

Post War (1919-1933).

Shipwrecks & Disasters (I & II),

Ships and Ways of other Days.

The Cape Liners.

Part II is divided into two sections.

The first tells the story of the shipping lines associated with South Africa, British, foreign, and local coasting concerns at the Cape.

The second deals with the ships of Union-Castle from 1853 to 1933.

In addition there are six appendices, a general index and an index of ships names.

The book is illustrated with 326 photographs and other plates of ships.

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